"The whole book exudes a sense of togetherness that is seldom experienced these days... "
              -CM Magazine

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"Good Canadian reading and nicely flavourful. "
             -Toronto Star

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"Jane Austen is evoked: a small, rural community, spice of scandal, dastardly deeds, villains quickly dispatched, misunderstandings, familial love. "
             -Globe & Mail

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Three for a Wedding, the third book in the Tales from Cook's Cove series, brings together the Derby family for an incredible East Coast Reunion.

Violet Blue watches with bewilderment as her cousin, Grace-Mae, steps out of a taxi sporting a fluffy white coat and five-inch heels. With platinum hair, body-hugging outfits and curves in all the right places, Grace-Mae is a far cry from the local girls in Cook's Cove, and it seems that all of the young men in town have noticed the same thing! But there is something mysterious about Grace-Mae's arrival. She wasn't expected to turn up so suddenly and without her mother, Rebecca, and a strange reporter has been roaming around town asking questions about her.

Violet's sister Jenny is getting married this summer, and many of the Derby family are going to attend, but there are some unexpected guests, including two brothers from Boston who followed Grace-Mae to Newfoundland. While one of them has his heart set on the blond bombshell, the other, Mathias, takes a liking to Violet. With a wedding and garden party to help organize, final exams to prepare for, and new love on the horizon, Violet is in for a summer she'll never forget.

Released by Penguin February 2009

Why did you decide to write about the 1980s?

I wanted to go back to Cook's Cove a quarter of a century later and give my readers a peek at how life had changed once the road had come through. You'll meet young girls who now know nothing of the hardships of being isolated but have other challenges to deal with.

What's next?

I hope to write about how the first Grace Derby settled in Cook's Cove. There are already hints in Three for a Wedding about her background. She'll be an amazing young woman!

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